Members of Blackburn Muslim Burial Society

BMBS are proud to have a team of fourteen dynamic, dedicated and experienced volunteers who strive to support their community.

Members Blackburn Muslim Burial Society
Photography by Shafiq Khan

BMBS have been operating with the support of our committed, selfless and wonderful volunteers. Volunteering with BMBS will provide you the opportunity to invest your free time in a wonderful cause, develop new skills, support your local community and fulfil Islamic rights of the deceased.

If you are looking to make a difference to the Muslim Community of Blackburn then please join us! Complete the form below to become a member of our volunteering team and invest in your Hereafter. 

Help us to help you!


For further information, please contact one of our members:

Hafiz Abdul Alim Kheratkar: 07888 710091

Imran Patel: 07703 228796

Khuram Ishaq: 07885 467377

Mohammed Rafiq: 07715 995975

Mohmed Ali Dhorat: 07578 389796

Moulana Ahmed Sidat: 07791 444002

Moulana Fazlurrehman Hassan (BRH Chaplain): 07971 751038

Musa Mathiya (Haldarvi): 07790 561429

Cllr Parwaiz Akhtar: 07951 593929

Cllr Quesir Mahmood: 07810 852585

Sabbir Mohmed: 07971 574983

Cllr Salim Sidat: 07973 657542

Cllr Suleman Khonat: 07831 566909

Cllr Zamir Khan: 07974 688569